Thursday, 2 April 2009


Wow! What a long time away from my blog and the World-Wide-Web. We had a fantastic time in Italy - in the snow! It was absolutely freezing, especially at night. Our hut has no heating, so the first thing we needed were hot water bottles and woolly hats! Just before we left for the airport, the trusty old laptop finally gave up the ghost, closely followed by my ibook.....A veritable technical disaster, which has resulted in mucho-spending of money, and now we have a swanky new desktop and laptop for travelling about! The computer guys have just finished setting everything up, and here I am! The weather here in Scotland is amazing - today I have been planting my onion sets in beautiful sunshine, wearing flip-flops and shorts, it's going to be the same tomorrow too, so woohoo to that! While I was doing the garden, Tiddles made the sweetest little pull-along toy dog out of old wood; it's so lovely, and he'll show you tomorrow (I've just gotta draw him!) It's great to be back - I missed you all!


Nan and =^..^= said...

Welcome Back!
Been looking forward to your return!
So glad you had a great time in Italy and the weather in Scotland is so warm! We've been in the 30's here in Maine... though the sun came out this afternoon and it almost feels springlike with our crocuses dotting the yard and it's the first day I've seen the bees!

Laurie said...

Thank heaven's you're back and computing again! Where's Tiddles - we have all been pining.
Best wishes

quiltcat said...

Welcome back, Liz! sorry that it was so cold in Italy! i know that's not what you were expecting! At least you had nice warm weather to come back to in Scotland. Sorry about the meltdown of both of your computers, too...hope the new ones will be problem free! I'm looking forward to Tiddles return, too. (I bet the kitties are delighted to be back home.)

April Jarocka said...

I obviously missed the part about you going away Liz! I must drink more coffee to stay awake!!!! Glad that you had a great time! I'm so jealous!
All the best

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Liz,
Just wanted to let you know the chipmunk over at my furry and feathered friends is just above Polly's right's a bit fuzzy and very small but if you click on the photo it will enlarge so you can get a good look at it. ( I didn't plan on having it so large a photo but somehow it turned out that way and I'm glad so now you can see it!)