Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Phase One of my Brill Idea!

Right Folks! This is it! I am planning to open a Bunny Hotel, kind of like a cattery, but for little furry things! We have a large, safe enclosed area in the garden which the previous owners built at considerable expense. We didn't know what to use it for, maybe a fruit cage, or chickens - then I thought of it! A Bunny Hotel! I did some research, and see other people are doing it, and charging quite a lot! No one here has done this, so could there be a gap in the market? I have some hutches coming, and I plan to make a website (when I can afford the £20 for 'Mr. Site'!) Ooh, I could go on Dragons Den and become a multi-millionaire in Rabbit Leisure Products!

I know, I know - I spend too much time alone!


April Jarocka said...

Do you take ugly rabbits???

Buskitten said...

We will take any rabbits, as all rabbits (and anything else furry) is lovely! Discounts for all Blogging friends! (But I guess you'll need to post the rabbits!)

quiltcat said...

I think it's a great idea, but if you're going to do it for real you'll need 1) liability insurance 2) a vet on call who knows how to treat rabbits (their "systems" are quite different than cats' and dogs' and you need a vet who will treat them as cherished pets rather than disposable farm animals) 3) a requirement that all incoming bunnies be free of diseases 4) probably a business license from your municipality...and then all sorts of adorable Fluffville products to sell! *g*

Laurie said...

Flipping Heck! You have stirred a memory - I knew I had a leftover brain cell somewhere. I can remember someone at school uttering the word RABBITS and cannot remember why they did it. Was it to ward off something?

Nan and =^..^= said...

What a great idea! I wish you good luck with it and look forward to see how it develops!

Ronnie said...

Well, considering what quiltcat said, maybe chickens would be more lucrative, yet much smellier and less adorable. But there is the chick aspect and the FRESH EGGS for sale! Organic! Free range! All those buzz words.
I always dreamed of having bee hives.

June said...

Well, I have a bunny and 3 hens, so they could all come and stay with you for a holiday :o)
They actually get along quite nicely together, and our hens often used to lay their eggs in the open rabbit hutch, next to the lady rabbit! No one seemed to mind at this arrangement at all.
Good luck with this venture if you decide to go ahead. The hard part for me would be letting the rabbits go back home after their stay!
(PS thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.)