Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tiddles' Runner-Bean Wigwam

We got loads of gardening done during our sans Internet week, including building a wigwam for our runner beans, Tiddles' favourite bean! Mine is baked, preferably Heinz, served with chips!


Owen said...

Just wanted to drop in and say "hi", after that super-extra-cali-fragilistic nice comment you left on Laurie's blog, well, I couldn't hardly do otherwise, right? Your drawings are adorable... am going to be coming back, and with my two daughters in tow as well... was wondering if that was "Mr Toad" in your "Digging for Victory" piece below ? I recently added the line "Mr Toad's Travel Diary" to the title of my blog because :

a) I have loved The Wind In the Willows ever since I was little

b) my wife calls me "toad" all the time, but uses the french for it, which is of course "crapaud", and that because I call her (tenderly of course) my "frog", using the french again : "grenouille"

So now you know just about everything about me... :-}

Buskitten said...

Welcome Owen! Lovely to meet you!

Jessie Lilac said...

It's great the way you've incorporated what you're doing in real life into your Tiddles drawings! I haven't mentioned before, but my 11 year old daughter loves your Fluffville pictures!x