Thursday, 30 April 2009


Ha ha! Hoover is one of my favorite words, I don't know why, I just love it - it actually sounds like sucking, doesn't it? Well, after Tiddles' application form disaster yesterday, I got him hoovering. We are all on a tight budget here at Chateau Kitten, and have to pull our weight! Do any of you remember hoovers like these? my mum had one, and I was scared of it, as I thought it looked like a space ship! ( I was an odd child!) Anyway, we look very spick and span now, with mucho hoovering and polishing - I'll have to tell the cats to wipe their paws!


quiltcat said...

I had an ancient Electrolux that is a long cylinder rather than a cute mother bought it before they even had any furniture in their apartment! My bf kept it when we broke up...he bought me a "new" one that has a carpet attachment for the rental that i moved into at the now i've got a 50 year old Electrolux instead of a 60 year old one! *lol* (the cats' reactions range from terror to slightly scared curiousity)

Buskitten said...

Mine too Paula- actually, they all hate the hoover and it can only be done (hoovering) when all kits are otherwise engaged!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Just wanted to mention to quiltcat that we also have very ancient electrolux vacuum cleaners...all given to us or found at the recycle room.
The oldest finally stopped working and it might have been the age of your 1st one ( a neighbor of my parents had given it to us a long time ago).
Liz, I find that our girl kitties don't mind the vacuum cleaner at all, we can vacuum right up to them and they don't even flinch! But the boy cat, takes off running for safety!