Sunday, 13 March 2011

Update on Fluffville Films!

Things are going well at Fluffville Studios PLC, with lots of young people making new residents of Fluffville - we have a hippopotamus, a crab, a camera-man dog called Stuart, three rabbits, Eddie the Elephant and Gnasher the Crocodile (who drives about in a wind-powered car!)
The Fluffville sign is a facia for the puppet theatre and is made using recycled cardboard and squashed-up loo roll - it's that simple!
Many of the puppets have been made by students with additional support needs and everyone is really enjoying the process of making the film, it's such fun! Stuart ( the real Stuart, not the dog!) and I have also managed to film a piano and tin-whistle recital - using a little toy piano from the 1960's and a papier mache tin whistle! I hope you enjoy these photo's showing some of the puppets, I hope to get some video links up soon too.