Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Friday, 26 June 2009

Illustration a-week-last Friday

Goodness me, I am very late with this one! I've been spending too much time in the garden - and not enough in Fluffville! Here is Tiddles 'drifting' up into the clouds at the Fluffville Balloon Festival. He seems to getting on well with the Stepford Bunnies, which is a good thing - I think! I have my suspicions that they have put extra floating gas in his balloon, as they all have their paws on terra-ferma, and Tiddles is floating. Hmm, strange, isn't it? I'm still not sure about those Bunnies....

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Illustration Friday 'Unfold'

Oh dear! I knew something like this would happen.....Tiddles and the Stepford Bunnies have got lost on their day-trip to the seaside. I told Tiddles to take the satnav, but being a Traditional Tiger, he declined, as he says he 'likes a map'. Well it's all very well liking them, but you also have to be able to read them! Even having them the right way up would be a start!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Ooh, the smell of canvas!

Yesterday was so hot and sunny I decided it was a Day for Erecting Old Canvas Tents, and that is what I did! I had great fun trying to work out where all the poles went, and fiddling to my hearts content. Then I took them down again and packed them away in their canvas bags. These old tents really tell a story - I think about all the fun and excitement people must have had, planning their holidays, all their adventures in the sun and rain.... so much more romantic than a package holiday to the Costa Del something or other, don't you think? Well, I intend to use them, and I also have my beady eye on an old VW camper which I think is unwanted. Watch this space!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tiddles' Tricycle, A Cheeky Cat and some veg!

At last, I have battled with the mountains of junk, some enormous spiders, and so much random stuff it makes me think I must have some sort of a problem.....to bring you, Dear Readers, Tiddles' Tricycle! OK, so it needs a bit of work, bit it will be just the thing for his short legs (balancing problems). Here, also, is Bacon looking cheeky (cute, gets away with anything / everything, looking like that!) and some pics of the garden and inside the greenhouse. Finally, Tiddles 'Big Purchase' - his very own house! He has now moved from under my bed to this bijou residence, on the window sill! (Tiddles' house was £8.00 from the local fete a few weeks ago).

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Utter Clutter and a Real Noddy Book!

I was visiting my mum at the weekend, and while I was there, I took a jaunt to my favorite shop in my favorite town! Utter Clutter is the most divine junk shop in the market town of Leominster. I went to school here for seven years, and I love this little town very much indeed. I could spend thousands of pounds in Utter Clutter, and imagine how I felt when in a local Estate Agents window I saw the shop is for sale for £139,000! Oh, if only, if only, if only..... Anyway, what I did buy is this this lovely vintage Noddy book for £5.50, a bargain! Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket or bet on a horse, then Utter Clutter could be mine!

Tiddles' friends hiding in a plant pot!

How very odd! I was potting-on all these millions and millions of seedlings I've grown (there didn't seem so many when they were just little brown seeds!) and as I bent down to get a plant pot, I saw all these little furry things hiding! They won't speak to me, so I've no idea what they want or what they're doing there....It's odder than an odd thing! Tiddles isn't here, or I would ask - I expect it's something to do with him, an impromptu party perhaps, or a barbecue? Tiddles has bought something rather large (which I will show you as soon as I find the camera usb!) watch this space, and stay tooned!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Oh Dear! Tiddles gets another rejection letter

Poor Tiddles could wallpaper his entire bedroom with our increasing collection of these! This one was nicer than usual though, as there is a little hand-written note on the back! This time, I made a mock-up of a whole Fluffville book, and sent that - begging for it to be returned, as I only made one! I'll find another publisher to send it to and tell Tiddles to cross his paws! Tiddles says hello, he's in the greenhouse potting on seedlings, so I better go now, and give him a hand, as there seem to millions of them!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

We're still here!

Tiddles and I haven't been eaten by Stepford Bunnies, or fallen down any deep holes....we've just been really busy with gardening jobs and suchlike, as the weather has been so good! We've made a vegetable garden for a friend, and cleared an overgrown woodland, phew! Hard work for a middle-aged human bean, and an invisible tiger with short arms! Owen wrote a brilliant poem for Tiddles, which made me laugh so much! You can experience more of Owen's brilliance at his blog, http://magiclanternshowen.blogspot.com/ beautiful and interesting images and tales, well worth visiting!

"Oh where, Oh where Did Tiddles go?

Many are asking

But nobody knows...

Some say kidnapped

By dastardly rabbits

Others say in the forest

Developing bad habits

Did an evil-eyed rabbit

Push him down a deep well?

Did a coven of rabbit witches

On him cast a sleeping spell?

Did he ride off on a tricycle

To go get some chips?

Did he ride down to the port

And sail off on a ship?

Oh where, Oh where Did Tiddles go?

Many are asking

But nobody knows..."

I hope you are all well, and look forward to visiting you at your blogs to see what's been happening!