Friday, 17 April 2009

Oh no! Internet Disaster!

Thanks very much, everyone for your useful comments on the Bunny Hotel idea - I am obviously still in the planning stages, and if I do it, I will need to get some structures etc built professionally. Thanks, Quiltcat for the info re. insurance; I have a good relationship with local vet, and kept bunnies and g. pigs myself for many years so that bit's OK.... Our Broadband has been 'switched off' by mistake! I'm so frustrated! Useless flippin DSN companies. I am in the library doing this and just checking email, so if I go quiet for a while, I'll be back as soon as we're re-instated! Hope you are all well, and life is treating you well folks! See ya soon!

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quiltcat said...

Oh gee, Liz! was wondering where you had vanished to...i hope they get your broadband hooked back up soon, how frustrating! If you do decide to go forward with your bunny hotel, it looks like you can "borrow" a lot of useful information on wording for forms for clients, etc. from the other bunny hotels already out there. I know my sister would probably love a place like that for her bunny rather than having to count on the cat sitter to know how to care for her bunny.