Thursday, 12 March 2009

Party on the last night

There has been a big Fancy Dress Party on the last night of Tiddles' holiday. He went as a Pirate! I really don't know why he is dressed as a butcher with a tray of 'Finest Sausages' - I think it could be something to do with the 'other tigers'.....No doubt I'll find out tomorrow, as he's driving back up the M6 in his little red camper van - I can't wait to see him!


quiltcat said...

Tiddles is great as a pirate! maybe he's going to help you out at your hotdog van, by walking along the boardwalk selling sausages??

K. Grace said...

arrrrrrgh matie!

Tiddles is such a character! Haha. Do you find he comes alive as you draw him, and he determines what you draw next? Or do you always know specifically what you're going to draw before you sit down to do it?

Buskitten said...

Good question Katie! Tiddles just happens as I draw him! It's completely random, hence Tiddles the Butcher! Where on earth did that come from?!