Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Get to Work, Tiddles!

Right, this Tiger needs to earn his keep! I have asked Tiddles to fill in my application to the Health Board - I've told him that if I get this job, he can have a new jumper (his old mouse one is getting rather worn out). OK, well let's see what happens, so far he has drawn a rabbit! I'm not sure that will get me short-listed! I have to go up to Glasgow Airport now, so hopefully when I get back, I will have a nice completed application form, Tiddles style!


April Jarocka said...

Great illo Liz. It looks as if Tiddles is a tad distracted there. Are you sure he understood you? Maybe he would do well doing illos for your bunny kennels..I love the wooden table byw.

quiltcat said...

I think Tiddles should get a job as an illustrator...that's a cute bunny he has drawn!