Sunday, 18 January 2009

Tootles' Toyshop is Open!

At last! After all that waiting, here is Tootles proudly showing off the newest shop on Fluffville High Street. It took flippin' ages to draw this yesterday, as I ran out of the blue background crayon, and had to finish it with rescued stumps! The lead kept fracturing, and a nice long pencil quickly turned into three little stumps! Arrrgggghhhh! Anyway, got it done in the end, and I really enjoyed myself with all the funny little toys. They are all real, and live here with us in Chateau Kitten. Poor Tootles can't quite get the hang of his bow-tie, (They are extremely fiddly, aren't they?) but he still looks very dapper! Please help yourself from the buffet table, and take something home, otherwise I'll be eating left-overs all week! (I'm beginning to take this all a little too seriously!) I hope you all enjoy the Toyshop; watch this space for more Fluffville adventures!


quiltcat said...

Hi Liz. What a great view of Tootles' shop! Maybe Tootles needs one of those clip-on bow ties so he doesn't have to try to tie his own! I like his old-fashioned shop coat, too. The grand opening was really delicious too...i brought some of the shrimp balls home for the kitties *g*.

Ronnie said...

Hi LIz,
Yum, the punch is DE-lish. Thanks for the invite!
Charming shop. I love the terrier on wheels.
Keep him open 24/7. You never know who may be stopping by!!

Buskitten said...

Hi QC and Ronnie!
Phew, I'm tired this morning; it's all the clearing up - those Tigers know how to party, but they're not so keen on the washing up!
Ronnie, the Dog-on-Wheels was mine as a child (early 60's) I could never be parted from him!