Tuesday, 13 January 2009

In which it is Very Busy in Fluffville, and we are introduced to a New Character

Howdy Doody Folks! Well, what a carry on we've had at Chateau Buskitten; our one and only laptop (Mac stil not working) had a serious malfunction, and had to go to the Computer Doctor to be fixed. All this took forever, and it's been very frustrating - I had sent out a load of stuff, and was waiting for emails. Mind you, without the web to distract me with addictive, but useless eBay surfing and the like, it's been jolly busy in Fluffville! Tiddles' friend, Babybunny Milkteeth has opened his sweet shop - he has also been fiddling around with cakes (I think) and Tiddles has been back in the kitchen making custard. Babybunny was going to do some gardening, but it was a bit cold for that, so he got his sailing boat out (but it was too choppy).I hope you're all OK, fellow Bloggers, I'll go and see what you've all been up to whilst I've been languishing in the world of Sans Technology!
Oh no! I've just noticed I have spelt 'Bunny' wrong on Babybunny's Sweet Shop - gnashing of teeth!


Ronnie said...

Brilliant, Liz! Glad to have you back. I was beginning to wonder if you'd gone to live in Fluffville yourself!
The new work is GREAT! I like the misspelled Buny. It seems to fit.
Please! Let us know the results of all your networking when you get any results.
Rooting for you!
That's my grandson in the tomatoes.

Buskitten said...

Hiya Ron! Do you know, it's so weird how you get to rely on this little thing - and blogging! i've really missed it, and been quite lost. It's also an essential tool, especially when you live miles from anywhere - publishers, London etc. I think there may be some things in the proverbial pipeline, but I'll err on the side of caution, and wait before I start blabbing (in case it all goes horribly wrong!)
I am waiting for a reply from the local paper re. a Fluffville strip!
What a lovely little boy your grandson is - what's his name Ronnie?
I'd LOVE to live in Fluffville, I really would!

quiltcat said...

Hi Liz, was really starting to worry about you, since it's not like you to go so long without blogging. I hope your 'puter is better soon, but you've sure been wonderfully productive. I love all the new Fluffville drawings! (Hope Jackie sees the Maltesers *g*)

Jessie Lilac said...

I didn't notice the miss spelling, I was so entranced by the colours in the word 'sweet'! You've been really productive haven't you?These are lovely, I especially like the background of candy canes :)x

Ronnie said...

I've got my fingers crossed, my legs crossed, my eyes crossed. You are an inspiration LIZ. Go get'em.
The little guy's name is Cooper.
And his folks drive a mini!
Yep, blogging has gotten important to me too. I have to watch it, or unlike you, I don't get things done.
But I should have another painting done today. I gotta get busy.