Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tiddles' Traditional Kitchen!

Ooh, look! Tiddles is back! He seems to be making something very strange - the ingredients are custard powder, tomato soup, Oxo cubes, Atora suet, honey, cherries and plain flour..... what on earth can you make with that? It must be something that only kindly tigers like!

Thank you for all the lovely comments you left me yesterday - excellent advice; it's so encouraging and brilliant to be able to share stuff. I have taken on board Ronnie's suggestion, and have written to our local newspaper with some Tiddles examples!


Jackie Morris said...

looks like he is making something good! Your table is looking lacking in Malteasers.
Cold here. How is it with you?
Been pecking away at work today like an anxious bird.

quiltcat said...

What he's making sounds vaguely disgusting to me...i guess it's the combination of tomato soup, Oxo cubes, and suet...on the other hand, it sounds vaguely like what they call Red Velvet cake in the southern U.S...and it also sounds like a Dump Cake, where you dump a bunch of ingredients into a cake pan and don't stir them, just put it into the oven...and a fairly tasty cake is the result. The drawing's very cute! Nice to see Tiddles again :).

Ronnie said...

Gorgeous detail, Liz.

Judith said...

Ah at last someone who cooks like me - Thank you Tiddles lol

and the first four letters for the verification is cook hahaha

Jessie Lilac said...

Nice table! He's a cutey isn't he? Can he come and do my cooking, (but leave out the suet!)x

Ronnie said...

I know you must be jumping through flaming hoops, but how are you?
Been thinking about!

Ronnie said...