Friday, 2 January 2009

I did-do-it-myself - have a peep at the kitchen

I am now officially the Queen of DIY! With the aid of a hammer drill (found in the garage) and a new spirit level from Homebase, the infamous 'Stuff from under the Bed' has been stuck, drilled, fiddled with and.....abandoned! I can't work out how to cut the bits of tiles which don't need a whole tile, so everything has been packed away, hopefully for less than another two years! Hmmm, we'll see!


Judith said...

well whose a clever girl then? well done you :) I love the tiles and could you now come and clear up my kitchen? lol seriously well done, Judith

quiltcat said...

The kitchen looks great! they make a plier-type device used to break the tiles along a score line...see the middle of this page for tile plier directions