Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Networking, Speculating and Worrying....

I have been getting more and more worried about my financial situation, and how to find a way to make my creative work 'pay' - if there can be such a thing for me..... Today, after a weekend of preoccupation, bitten finger nails and NO drawing whatsoever, I wrote to every primary and secondary school in our area to see if they would consider employing me for after-school art sessions - that's thirteen letters in the post! I have also sent some work to a publisher, and whilst I'm not exactly brimming with positivity, at least I've done something. I feel so fearful that this won't work out, and I'll have to go back to the world of Social Work - but I really wasn't enjoying it for the last few years, and I find it so incredibly draining. But on the positive side, I am a qualified Art and Design Teacher, so maybe one or two of our little primary schools will consider having me. Being worried like this is so tiring - I feel as if I have a hang-over and I don't even drink, ha ha! I also start having regrets about not being more committed and focused when I was younger, but of course, that's so silly, as we can't turn back time - and I am here now, fit, healthy and willing! Anyway, I logged on here, and I've had an email from an agency regarding representation! That's kind of great news, I think! So, onwards and upwards!

As I haven't done any drawing for a few days, here's a pic of me with my old Landy!


Jessie Lilac said...

Wow! Well done getting an agent! This is my goal so I'd better get my act together - no excuses now!x

April Jarocka said...

Congrats Liz, that's just great news. Now the journey begins....hope it works out for you!


Ronnie said...

Hi Liz,
You are amazing. I've just spent a long while looking at everything you've done since you returned home. If you don't get discovered it's only because you need more traffic on your blog.
Your work is so charming.
PLEEEEEEASE let us know how the rep/agent contact goes.
Other ideas:
Would a local paper run your strips?
Also kids magazines. I remember loving Highlights magazine when I was a girl. They had strips and that is where I would look first.
Kids love this format.
Liz, I have my fingers crossed for you girl. You have amazing grit!

Ronnie said...

And another thing, your comments about trying to make this happen in later life. I know exactly how you feel.
I'm older than you. 59 to be exact and now I wonder the same thing. Should I have made more effort early on.
Yesterday, giving this some thought, I googled "Late Bloomer". There has been research on this. It seems we are wired differently. This led me to an article in The New Yorker. It might interest you.
Google like I did and then look for The New Yorker/Late Bloomer.
I loved reading about Cezanne's life. Most of his greater works were in later life, done much older than you are.
Later Gator,
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

quiltcat said...

Hi Liz. I can understand your nervousness and anxiety. You've got a great talent, and i hope you get some teaching assignments...until the agent gets you some more lucrative work! Best of luck!

Nan and =^..^= said...

I know just how you feel for though I have been doing my art forever, it's still quite nerve-wracking and uncertain every year in regards to earning enough to survive. I have found that so far things seem to have worked out when you need it and I hope the same for you, so follow your dreams!
It would have been helpful if I had a better business mind but I'm afraid I don't! Sounds like you have some good ideas! Try them all...
Best of luck!

Jackie Morris said...

You need to send out work to more than one publisher otherwise you may starve. Get yourself the artist and writers yearbook and get stuff out to as many as you can, with a business card with your blog address.
Also your work would do great as greetings cards as you know. So, send out some stuff to as many as you can.
Publishers can be so frustrating.
You always could draw like a dream, even all those years ago when we were at college together.

ruthie said...

Liz, thats wonderful news, you getting an agent! wow, what a fab start to the new year. I admire your determination & will keep fingers crossed for you. I know exactly how u feel, with the money situ etc. not so very long ago that was me & my 3 wee ones! & i had to work doing a job that so wasn't me & caused all sorts of stresses, euck, & i had the same thoughts about my early days & focus etc. Now here i am all those years later, well & happy, cant ask for more than that. i am v. blessed to b in a slightly better situ now & am hoping creative me can begin to bring in the pennies. fingers crossed for you & your beautiful work x