Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tiddles in his undies and Sooty and Sweep

I enjoyed the dressing-up so much, I thought I'd do another one! Little things certainly do please little minds in my case! This time, Tiddles is resplendent in retro 70's 'y' fronts ( in fetching lime green!) and vest. He is going to wear a 'Sooty and Sweep' shirt - I am soooo jealous, and I'm going to steal it ( but Tiddles is only nine centimetres high!) For those that don't know, Sooty and Sweep are iconic British glove-puppets from the 1950's, created by Harry H Corbett. I was brought up with them, and have various Sooty items in my ever-expanding collection, including a broken sooty clock (as seen in 'It's Time for Tiddles') and a Sooty mug and plate. I am a big Noddy fan, too, so I think the next post will be to draw some stuff with Noddies on. Watch this space!


Jessie Lilac said...

I loved Noddy too, especially 'Toytown' I've got a box of coloured bricks I could get out and make into a mini toytown. Oh you've got me started now!x

quiltcat said...

Hi Liz. Gosh, i don't know these characters at all! I guess i'll have to look on YouTube to see if there are any clips of them. Tiddles as always looks very cute!