Thursday, 5 March 2009

Tiddles' Oscar and our Six Nice Things

Tiddles was a bit miffed that he hadn't won an award, so I fixed it for him - here he is, very proud with his Golden Tiger! Now, for our six nice things. The first, and most important has to be my three beautiful pussycats who I love with all my heart. If pussycat kisses and cuddles were money, we'd all be billion-squillionaires in this house! Next is Fluffville; I really enjoy drawing Fluffville and Tiddles, it's given me an real escape, as I don't go anywhere anymore! Thing number three is, and this may seem strange, the iconic Volkswagen Bus, I love them, and am quite a geek. I know all about their engines and gearboxes, and loads of other useless stuff. If I ever get any money again, I'll buy another one, that's for sure! Numero Quattro, our little hut in Umbria. It's only a humble little dwelling, but it feels so magical to have it, and we're going over to see if it's OK in a few days time! Fifth nice thing - my garden. It's a bit boggy now, but all the plants are popping up, and in the spring and summer it's absolutely beautiful. Last, but not least, is my blog and all you guys who have become like friends to me. I get so much from this; all the encouragement, some laughs, and finding long-lost friends - it's great!


Nan and =^..^= said...

I love Tiddle's Oscar and also your list is great! I'm hoping that you hear good news from your agent very soon!
Nan and the Maine Cats

quiltcat said...

Hi Liz. What a nice list! and Tiddles looks wonderful holding his Golden Tiger! I do hope you hear something good from your!

Buskitten said...

Hi Guys, still no news, I emailed the Art Director last night, just to ask... no reply yet. She may well think I am a bit of a pest, as I seem to email rather a lot