Thursday, 11 December 2008

Zap! Pow! Another One!

Well, even though I didn't really like my first attempt, I had a go at another strip today - this time, a bit bigger. I still think it would be better to scan an inked image, and colour it in with photoshop. (I make myself laugh, as reading this back, it sounds as if I know what I'm talking about - which I don't!) Anyway, enough waffling, here is Tiddles the Tiger, demonstrating how to make a Christmas Pudding...Hmmm, an oddly oven-baked version!?


Ronnie said...

Zap! Pow! indeed. Liz, I find these charming. It's the detail you put in that makes them mesmerizing. This is what I love about it: The 2 cups hanging on the shelf at different wonky angles, the hand drawn texture of the cottage walls, "...Don't eat any", the funny clueless expression on tiger's face.
Poo to that agent.
I can't wait to get my dragons. It was the detail that drew me to them. I want to be IN their little cottages pat them on the head and have a cup of tea.

quiltcat said...

These are really cute! I love your attention to the Christmouse Pudding recipe on the notepaper with your little critters on it! I couldn't get a bigger view of your first strip, which is too bad, because the image in my browser was a bit too small for me to read easily. I wonder if maybe professional cartoonists use watercolor or markers, which are less work than colored pencils? However, the texture your pencils produce is well worth the effort! (imho)