Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Stiff Neck :(

I have got such a stiff neck today (and yesterday). It's horrible, as I'm usually a very energetic person, but I'm just bumbling around at the moment, trying not to move too much! I had a car accident a few years ago, and it's never been quite right, but not usually this bad.....sucks. So, to cheer myself up, I was looking at my Venice pics from the summer - nothing like a Venice hit to make anyone smile! What an amazing place! Full of intriguing images, hidden alleyways and shadows! Ooooh, it's just the best place there is!


Jess said...

At first glance I thought the second picture down was some foreign market stall with scary edible stuff for sale. Then I saw the labels. And the fact they're not real.
I've got an old whiplash injury that plays up sometimes too - stick a hot water bottle on it! ;)

quiltcat said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your stiff neck! I think some heat (hot water bottle does sound good!), a scarf to keep it warm, and an anti-inflammatory might help. (And gentle cat massage, if you can arrange it.) The Venice ice cream picture made me laugh, from delicious sophisticated flavors like coffee or whiskey (!)...to a bubble gum-flavored ice pop (yucko).

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Liz, just a note to let you know Dave got your e-mails about your mac and will be getting back to you.
Hope your stiff neck improves quickly.
The heat suggestions sounds good and also wrapping up in a scarf.
Drafts can make things worse.
take care!

Amy C said...

I love love love Venice too.
Hope your neck is feeling much better - super irritating when that happens

Buskitten said...

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the nice comments - I am on about my 16th hot water bottle! Thanks to Dave the 'Mac Guy' too, who is helping me sort my ibook out - what great new friends you all are!

Amy C said...

Hey Liz,
I do use Adobe Illustrator - Photoshop is good too - I really only use Illustrator and keep meaning to spend some time teaching myself more photoshop skills.
Best wishes from snowy Illinois!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Liz,
Dave just sent you an e-mail with a bunch of helpful info and links for help with your mac. Let us know if you have any other questions...he did mention something about putting the extra memory in first before putting in an airport card. There's great instructions. So, good luck and you can e-mail Dave again and again if necessary!