Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Illustration Friday 'Balloon'

What a great theme for this weeks Illustration Friday! Balloons are lovely - colourful, fun, happy! They remind me of summer days, sweet-smelling Meadows and picnics in the sunshine...... I must be imagining all that, because we don't actually have sunshine, well not the sort you can picnic in in your t-shirt! Anyway, that's certainly not the case in Fluffville, as the little pandas are playing in their hot air balloon under a beautiful blue sky (I have actually run out of white crayons!). Oh, to live in Fluffville! (Well, some might say I do!)


quiltcat said...

Ah for the blue skies and green grass of summer again! This is very the detail of the thermos and mug for the panda in the balloon, too!

Jess said...

Fluffland would probably make me sneeze ;)
Those little pandas are sooooo cute!

Forrest Illustrations said...

Wow, they are so cute. I agree how fun are balloons. :) Was this done by hand or in Photoshop?
Perfect color in the image.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Great illustration! (Reminds me of a friend who is a balloonist...he made his first balloon in the early 70's as a art project and then he was hooked. He designs, builds, sews, and sells kits etc. I think he travels with a bottle of champagne in his balloon!)