Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Owl and the Pussycat, next instalment

Happy New Year everyone! I got my pencils earlier today, so here is the next part of 'The Owl and the Pussycat'. Tomorrow I must see what a turkey looks like on Google, and finish the story.


Judith said...

as always truly delightful. I see from your profile that you are an illustrator are these pictures part of work that you are commissioned for? are just purely for your own and ours pleasure? Judith

Buskitten said...

Hi Judith,
Well, haha, that's a long story....
I trained as a Graphic Designer many years ago (I gradustaed in 1984 - that long ago!) but I never really worked professionally, I got involved in Community Development and working with marginalised people, and although this work has been rewarding and important, it's also never really allowed me to be the creative person I long to be ( if you know what I mean) so, I have 'bitten the bullet', and left my social-type work to try and make a living, yikes, it's so hard, as although people like my work, it seems to be very hard to get a break with a publisher..... Maybe I'm not good enough, but I will try with all my might, and see where I cen get to! What I will say, is I'm enjoying myself so very much, and feeling so more fufilled and content. I am also nearly broke, haha, but I have a little hotdog van-on-wheels which I'm getting a trading licence for. I plan to send work to publishers, and keep sending, and see what happens! What a shame we need money, as if not, I would be OK!
I am also loving working from home, as I've never done it before, and I love it that I'm near the cats, to cuddle them and talk to them; near the garden, and can can cook nice dinners, chop logs etc....All these things seem to take a back seat when you're in a busy office, scheduling meetings, writing funding bids and dealing with clients' needs... I've enjoyed this work, bit it takes every bit of you, and there was never any time or engergy for drawing.
Soooo, I'm loving my life now, but I need to earn money - so watch this space, as I will show you the Hotdog van soon! It's very sweet, as it's so tiny - definately the sort of thing you would see in Fluffville!

Thank you so much for your lovely, encouraging comments on my work - I worry it's not good enough, so reading comments from my friends on the blog means so much to me.

Judith said...

Your work is fabulous and so colourful but it is breaking into the 'book world' market and that is not so easy, unless your Madonna or the Duchess of York!! BUT DON'T GIVE UP on yourself or your dreams.
I apologize in advance if I sound as though I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs BUT a few yrs ago I met a lady who was the Chaplain for The John Lennon Airport, Liverpool and I recall her telling me that she had written and illustrated a kiddies book about two mice who live in the airport and that the airport were going to finance the printing of it as a 'tourist' attraction particularly for children. Is there any 'tourist' attraction, stately home etc near you that you can do the same kind of thing for?

OOooo i love the idea of hotdog van and look forward to the pictures.

take care, Judithxx