Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pow! Zap! A Comic Strip!

I, in my infinite lack-of-wisdom, thought I would give the Fluffballs of Fluffville their own comic strip...what I didn't realise is how long it would take, and how fiddly-widdly it would be! I have since seen on the web that comic strip artists do them a lot bigger than I did, and they probably use digital software to colour them in - I coloured mine in with pencils Oh well, ha ha! It took about two days of screwing up my eyes and sharpening my pencils into little pointy points! (If you click on one of the images - sorry, not sure which one - you can see it much bigger)
PS. It's the top one!


Ronnie said...

It's adorable Eliz! But I get the whole "I could have painted a Rembrandt in the time it took me to do this". I'm the queen of this. Drives Joe crazy.
Your idea is waaay good. Maybe you cAn do it bigger. Kids will especially love this! Oh, my what will become of Fluffville??!?!!!

Buskitten said...

Oh thanks, Ronnie - I am just sitting here with a bigger one just traced up ready to start colouring, thinking....I beeter get back to social work (Noooooooo!) Also, an agenty-type-important person said they were 'flooded' with work like mine... So thank you so much for your nice comment! Now, I'll get on with my colouring and pointy pencils!

Lynne Chapman said...

This is SO brilliant! Gorgeous characters. But I need to know - will he get there in time?

quiltcat said...

Thank you, Liz! Now i can see that Santa's got tools in his paws! and all your other fine details!