Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Tale of Bobbity Bob Cat

Out shopping in town some five or six years ago now, we bumped in to someone who asked us if we were still looking for a cat. (We had just lost a little puss, and felt very lost without one). The lady worked at a factory rather in the middle of nowhere, and said that a big ginger cat had been living under a portacabin at the factory for the whole of the summer, about six months.....It was now November, cold and raining - not a very nice time to be living under a portacabin! The lady continued to tell us that the poor ginger cat had a nasty wound on its back, possibly caused by a dog bite.

We were immediately concerned and decided to try and find Mr Ginger at the factory, so in the pitch black, armed wih some crunchy biscuits and a box, we ventured out in to the dark night.....

We arrived at the deserted place, located the cabin, and called out, 'Puss, puss, puss'; sure enough, a huge ginger tom cat came running from under the portacabin, and jumped (he really did!) into Liz's arms. He had a cuddle, dripping wet by now, and full of mud, then had a feed of biscuits. We were alarmed at the state of the wound though. It went from his neck all the way down to his tail. It was awful, raw and open - really nasty.

So, into the box with Mr Ginger, and straight to see our vet, who administered antibiotics, pain-killing injections and bandaged him up like something from Holby City!

We christened him 'Bob', and he has been with us ever since. A real character and great hunter. (At least Bob eats his victims, unlike Magic and Bacon who seem to think we would like their mousey offerings alive!)

The road to getting Bobs injury sorted was a long one, as every time it started to heal up, he would scratch it and we would back to square one. I had to put him in a babygro, which for a big, butch cat was not a good thing! However, it did the trick, and now all that remains is a smallish, pink bald patch where his fur will not grow back.

So here is a picture of our beloved Bob-Cat aka 'Precious', as that is what he is - as are all lovely animals, everywhere.


quiltcat said...

Bless you for rescuing Bob, probably just in the nick of time. He looks indeed Precious. Lucky kitty!

BumbleVee said...

what a love he turned out to be...and what a wonderful face...