Monday, 17 November 2008

Come and have a look inside my studio!

Well, it's my bedroom, actually. I don't have a studio. That's not entirely true - I have a proper little wooden hut at the top of the garden, but it's so so cold and damp in there at this time of the year. Ideally it needs to have insulation put on the walls, and nice cladding, but that sort of thing costs money - which is one thing we don't have at the moment, so it will have to wait! I do have the most adorable tiny woodburner to go in it, I'll take some pics of that to show you when it stops raining, as it's out in the garage.So, get a cuppa and come and have a look at some of my things. I made the memory board many years ago, and it has some of my favorite things on it; an old photo of my mum and dad, some lovely antique postcards, and some nice words from my friends....a wee bit of Dylan Thomas, and there's probably some Phillip Larkin there somewhere, ah, the angst of my youth!
The fab pencils are my fave medium, Karisma - they're called Prisma Colour now, and difficult to get hold of. So nice to work with though.
The rough guides are places I've been, most of them in my old VW Bus, which I've just sold :(
Enjoy the pics - I'm procrastinating, as usual! But better go now and do do boring, banky, formy-filling-in-type-things!


Doda said...

thanks for sharing!
I love my karisma pencils too!

Buskitten said...

Ooh, Doda - I love your little matchboxes, they are really lovely. I bet it's pretty breezy up there in the Highlands, isn't it? It's been a lovely weekend in Kirkcudbright, but today is bleak and dreecht!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Best Wishes,