Monday, 19 July 2010

Tiddles meets the Queen!

I can't believe this, but Tiddles has had lunch with Queen Elizabeth at a posh place in Dumfries! He certainly knows how to schmooze, that Orange Tiger! The invitation was supposed to be for me, but as I was going to be in Italy, Tiddles said he would go in my place! It's been ages since I've written anything on my poor little neglected blog, for which I apologise, but Eco-Schools has been so full-on - I've visited 64 schools and spoken to nearly 3,500 children! Always accompanied by my faithful Friend, Tiddles and the odd Bunny! I kind of 'see' some of you on Facebook, which is lovely, so please add me as a friend, as it's a bit easier to keep in touch and say Hi. I think of you all often and look forward to blogging a bit more now the schools have broken up. Tiddles tells me his next appearance will be in 'OK' magazine, so watch this space!


Laurie said...

Tiddles has royal connections - remarkable! We all wondered what was going on. Seeing the statistics from your eco work -phew! It has all tired me out.

Buskitten said...

I am officially asleep for the summer!

Owen said...

Hi Liz,
Was thrilled to see your note today ! So thought I'd drop by to see if there was a light in the window here again... and sure enough, there was.

Sounds like life has been crazy for you and Tiddles, topping it off with an invite to see the queen... holy cow, what a treat for Tiddles, though I'm sure he will awe her with his best tiger manners. And don't these royals get around ! Today Prince Charles was in northern France dedicating a military cemetery for a number of lads from WWI who'd been in a common grave until now, and they were given decent burials at long last.

So, you're off to Italy ? In the caravan ? Have a lovely trip, will try the Facebook thing, though I'm not very fluent in Facebook yet.

And would still love to figure out how to get a Tiddles book... signed by the author of course, but not for free... :-)

Have a wonderful Summer !

Buskitten said...

Dear Owen and Blogging Friends,
Email me your addresses if you would like a copy of 'Fluffville Saves Energy'!
I'll pop one in the post for you!
Liz x