Monday, 19 April 2010


'Fluffville Saves Energy' comes back from the printers on Friday! Things have been very hectic here; with posh launch parties planned, and then cancelled, as some important Ministers were coming from Edinburgh, and you can't do stuff like that near to a General Election. I don't really understand these things and nor does Tiddles! But it's to do with Local Authority Protocol and things like that.... Anyway, we will be having them after 6 May, which gives Tiddles time to buy a new suit and get his fur trimmed. I nearly-but-not-quite got stuck in Italy after our Easter holidays - we got home just before the Ash Cloud. I would have quite liked to have got stuck, as my feet haven't touched the ground since returning - some of the illustrations had to be done again, as the quality wasn't quite right. I also put in a page on nuclear energy, than took it out again as it was incorrect! Stressville or what! Here are a couple of pictures of Tiddles making a junk monster and in his radiation suit, which, as everyone keeps pointing out, doesn't protect his ears!


June said...

Good luck with getting everything just right for a big launch after May 6th. I expect Tiddles will have made some ear protectors for those cute ears by then :o)

Owen said...

Hi Liz ! This is thrilling ! Can't wait to hear how everything turns out for you and Tiddles and the book, do let us know, ok ? And can we start placing orders now ??? I want a signed copy of course, signed by both you and Tiddles...

Gosh, you were so lucky to get back before the volcano started making life crazy for too many people...

Buskitten said...

Thanks, Guys, I am hoping to become a little less busy in the next few weeks - I think I've visited over 60 schools recently! I get home, eat and go to bed! Dumfries and Galloway id a be county, and I often have to be on the road by 7.30 to get to a school if it's in the middle nowhere!
I've missed reading all your blogs tremendously, and there are parts of my garden I haven't seen for months; isn't it funny how life turns out? I remember last spring / summer when there wasn't a weed in sight here!!
Thanks for your on-going support and my blog and my life - it is very special to me xxxx
If you send me your addresses, 'Fluffville' will be sent to you all, First Class!

Owen said...

Hi Liz, well, you have to let me have your address first, so I can properly pay for my copy, no handouts allowed, you won't make any money if you give them all away, and I'm sure you've earned every penny this project may bring in... my e-mail is in my profile, Tiddles must have a post office box number, right, for his fan mail ???

And if you could e-mail me a scanned copy of the book cover, I'd be very happy to do a little pre-publishing publicity for you on my page, encouraging people to come discover Tiddles... not that I have thousands of followers or anything, but even if just one or two turn up, well, that would be something, eh ?

owenphil at wanadoo dot fr

GO TIDDLES GO, the best tiger in Europe you are !