Monday, 12 October 2009

Tiddles says, 'Hi Owen'!

Tiddles is a very busy tiger these days, visiting lots of schools with his talk on renewable energy. He asked me to put this up for him, as he has had to dash off again! He hasn't forgotten you all, and sends his love and best wishes to everyone. In his spare time, he has been discussing setting up new projects with the Stepford Bunnies, and has been taking lessons in public speaking to get a bit more confident delivering his talks! He has asked me to show you these photographs of him and one of the Stepford Bunnies, getting ready to go to a school!


Owen said...

Hi there Tiddles and Stepford Bunnies and Liz !
So happy to see a light on in the window and smoke in the chimney... Ah, isn't it terrible how real life can keep us from blogging sometimes ? Well, just want to say... Go Tiddles; you're the greatest little tiger I know !

Take care and thanks for this greeting !

April Jarocka said...

I agree Owen. Great to see you're home Liz, even if it's just to pop in for a change of clothes from time to time. Love the puppets/toys you've really brought little Tiger to life. Ah....

Buskitten said...

Hi Guys!
The kids LOVE the puppets! They're the best thing I've bought! Their little faces when they see Tiddles in the classroom - priceless!

babbler said...

Hello Tiddles, Stepford bunnies, Liz, Owen and April,
So glad to see you have come over here for a cookie and tea! Please pass the sugar......
It was fun to see such a well dressed bunny this morning, I am inspired to put my best skirt forward.
Tiddles reminded me that I have a box of lovely frosted flakes in the pantry. I am so happy we got together for a nice breakfast! Have a fabulous day!
Mrs. Slug