Thursday, 15 October 2009

You Gotta Love a List!

We really like to make lists! Lists are the stuff of life , they help you get organised - and stop you forgetting important things! Here is a new character, Energy-Saving Piglet - with a pencil and the obligatory list! No doubt I will be rushing off to the Puppet Shop next, to buy a piglet, Oh Yes I Will!


Owen said...

Oh my, except for the clothing and pencil he looks just like the baby wild pigs I saw by the roadside the other night... about ten of them running after their very large parents... you've created another darling... I can only imagine all the kids in your school are having tons of fun with all your creatures...

quiltcat said...

Hi Liz. What a cute little piggy! All is well here...just had two huge projects at work finish at the same time, had a bad cold, i haven't had a chance to visit blogs or post on my own.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Oh, your energy-saving piglet is very adorable! You have created the most wonderful characters and am so glad you are able to share them with school children.

Jessie said...

Lovely picture! I've been frantically making lists recently, so much to do, seems less hours in each day! I haven't been to visit you for a long while (or anyone actually!) but happy to see you still making lovely pictures. I must get out in the Cybersphere more!:)x

babbler said...

List, list, everywhere a list, I need to put making a list on my list!
It takes a piggy to keep things organized!
Very cute!
Mrs. Slug

Ronnie said...

I have been so out of touch! I hope you are doing well. I came across this site and immediately thought of you....
Take care, Scottish lass!
Send "keep your sanity vibes" my way.
My mother-in-law moved in last week!

singamaraja said...

Visiting your blog

Owen said...

Oh where, oh where did Tiddles go?
Everyone's asking but nobody knows
Was he off to join a travelling circus?
Or does his creator simply have too much work-us?
With all our hearts we hope he'll come back
And put jumble sale rabbits back on the track...

We miss you Tiddles ! And you too Liz...

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