Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bob Goes to the Shop and Fluffy saves the World!

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with 295 Primary School children this week. At the end of my Energy Presentation, I get them to do a little task - here are a couple of cute examples of their 'Energy-Saving' comic strips! I think they are such fun, and wanted to share a couple with you!


Owen said...

Looks like you have some budding young illustrators there Liz...

Hope all is well with your good self and Tiddles... best wishes...

Owen said...

Oh where oh where did Tiddles go
Some say he went off with Liz
To a pumpkin show
Last seen entering a pupkin patch
There are many now wondering
If they'll ever come back...

Please come back Tiddles
We miss you so
I won't tell the rabbits
I won't tell a soul
If you'll just let us know
Where in the world did Tiddles go ?