Sunday, 13 September 2009

Tiddles' Tips!

Here's Tiddles explaining all about hydro-electric power- well, he will be, this is just the introduction! I see he has bought himself another new jumper too! Next, there will be a new car on the drive!


Owen said...

Hi Liz ! I was starting to miss you and Tiddles... but can well imagine you both might be just a wee bit busy these days, with school children to educate, and the world to save ! I hope if Tiddles gets a new car it may be a hybrid, or electric ? Or at least a very efficient internal combustion motor... In any case, I hope the two of you are well, no pig flu for a tiger, and are getting on famously in the new school ! Very best wishes to you Liz, and please tell Tiddles that our two cats are quite interested about their distant cousin in Scotland... they'd like to know more about his ancestry, and whether they have any relatives in common...

Ronnie said...

I've been catching up with you!
What a brilliant idea, Liz!
I mean Tiddles.
Continue ironing posh clothes. You must look your best!