Monday, 18 May 2009

The Green-Paws of Tiddles!

Tiddles and I have been catching up with our gardening tasks, as we watched 'Gardeners World' on telly, and it inspired us! We have also been doing a bit for a friend - and got rewarded with money! Something nice will be on the supper menu tonight, yum yum! (Tiddles wants chips from the chip shop.) I see one of those bunnies has appeared, but it doesn't look unfriendly, thank goodness!


April Jarocka said...

Well done Tiddles. Enjoy your chips. (Save some for me)!

Buskitten said...

No flippin' chance April! Tiddles is a very generous little creature, but not when it comes to chips!

Jessie said...

I love the textures on this! The little bunny looks a little bit cautious, I expect he had a run-in with the Stepfords.x

Owen said...

Mmmm, chips for dinner ? I'll bet Tiddles watering can in fact has vinegar in it to sprinkle on the chips ?

Must admit, my curiosity is killing me about those 1950's era tricycles that have been referred to more than once in various places recently... hint, hint ! Even just a sketch of Tiddles riding one would be a good start, if an actual photograph is not to be produced... you really know how to keep a rusty tricycle loving guy like me in total suspense.

Well, at least like that, you know I'll keep coming back regularly to check on Tiddles... ;-)

babbler said...

I only want a chip if Tiddles hands it to me willingly! I shall repay the kindness with a saucy quip or a limerick on the fly....Tiddles! Don't look at me like that! You appear to be completely aghast! Well done. Keep up the good quirk.
Love and tiddly winks,
Mrs. Slug of Oregon

quiltcat said...

Lovely illustration as usual! the bunny does appear a bit cautious...he's probably heard that Tiddles had a run-in with the Stepford bunns and doesn't want to be mistaken for one, nor does he want Tiddles to reenact the story of Peter Rabbit with him in the role of Peter!

babbler said...

Well hello again! I just had to come back and go shopping through your superstore. Many items are of interest to me, as I am a die hard bunny afficianado. I think you ought to know that I had an in-house bunny friend a few years ago that was trained to a liter box and even taught me to play fetch with her. My beloved bunny was named BunBun and was a wild grey bunny until she found me outside of my house one late evening. She was eating the rose petals that had fallen from the rose bushes after a spring rain. I asked her if she wanted to come inside for a carrot dinner and she agreed. She was a free roaming bunny in my house for the next five years. Your bunnies and your Tiddles has touched my heart. Love, Mrs. Slug =:+}

Nan and =^..^= said...

Wish Tiddles could travel across the ocean and help us in our garden!

Owen said...

Oh where, Oh where
Did Tiddles go?
Many are asking
But nobody knows...
Some say kidnapped
By dastardly rabbits
Others say in the forest
Developing bad habits
Did an evil-eyed rabbit
Push him down a deep well?
Did a coven of rabbit witches
On him cast a sleeping spell?
Did he ride off on a tricycle
To go get some chips?
Did he ride down to the port
And sail off on a ship?
Oh where, Oh where
Did Tiddles go?
Many are asking
But nobody knows...

Owen said...

Dear Liz, just wanted to let you know there is an award waiting for you over at my place, hopefully you will see this and be able to come by to pick it up... or you could send Tiddles... :-D

Ronnie said...

Heeeeellloooooo, Liz! How I've missed ckecking your blog and seeing what Tiddles is up to. Stepford rabbits!? Cakes!? Boot Fair?! Oh MY!
Looks like you are doing well and still full of vim (whatever that is!) and vigor! Loved the tour of shed and garden. LOveLy! Your drawings are brilliant. I know you'll be discovered soon. What's wonga?

Gillian said...

It's been a while since I had a chance to visit around my bookmarks. Can Tiddles send me some motivation to go out and weed?

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