Friday, 20 February 2009

It's nearly the Weekend!

I say this with some irony, as now I am not nine-to-five-ing, weekends have kinda ceased to exist. I remember how ultimately cool they were, though - especially if you had just been paid! Then there would be a trip out for a curry and maybe a film.... No regrets, though, and I have been very productive today, finishing six new pieces - some cards and some gift wrap. My back has stiffened up now, so I'm glad it's time for rest! I have also been in touch with some old friends from my teaching days through Facebook, so that is really nice, as I worked with some exceptional people. Have a great weekend everyone!


Jessie Lilac said...

The weekends are still somehow different though aren't they? I do like your gift wrap, your work is going from strength to strength - keep up the good work, destiny will come a knocking soon I'm sure! Have a great weekend Liz.x

Buskitten said...

Thanks, Jessie x