Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A little magazine article about Tiddles!

There's no keeping up with Tiddles! Here is a little clip about him, now he's a 'famouso Tiger'! (His words!) I have told him that he needs to keep his paws on the ground and work hard - just because he is in a glossy magazine, doesn't mean we have lots of pennies in the bank, or tins of his favourite soup in the cupboard! meanwhile, I'm trying hard to re-arrange official launches of Fluffville, as the book has to remain 'under wraps' until they've been held - it's proving to be a difficult political exercise, with these elections and all sorts of annoying protocol to follow - it's a book about saving energy, after all - Tiddles isn't running for Prime Minister (yet!)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Fluffville Saves Energy is here!

We had a delivery at the office this morning of rather a lot of boxes full of books with Tiddles on the cover! My first reaction was to run away! They are very sweet and I am thrilled to bits!

Monday, 19 April 2010


'Fluffville Saves Energy' comes back from the printers on Friday! Things have been very hectic here; with posh launch parties planned, and then cancelled, as some important Ministers were coming from Edinburgh, and you can't do stuff like that near to a General Election. I don't really understand these things and nor does Tiddles! But it's to do with Local Authority Protocol and things like that.... Anyway, we will be having them after 6 May, which gives Tiddles time to buy a new suit and get his fur trimmed. I nearly-but-not-quite got stuck in Italy after our Easter holidays - we got home just before the Ash Cloud. I would have quite liked to have got stuck, as my feet haven't touched the ground since returning - some of the illustrations had to be done again, as the quality wasn't quite right. I also put in a page on nuclear energy, than took it out again as it was incorrect! Stressville or what! Here are a couple of pictures of Tiddles making a junk monster and in his radiation suit, which, as everyone keeps pointing out, doesn't protect his ears!