Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tiddles' Great Uncle Selwyn

Tiddles' Great Uncle Selwyn was a Coal Miner in the Welsh Valley's many years ago. Tiddles has borrowed his shovel, wheelbarrow and some coal to demonstrate an example of a 'fossil fuel'. Clever Tiger!

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Owen said...

Hi Liz ! Just got back from some time away on vacation on Reunion Island, and am happy to see you've been busy these past few days posting up a storm of Tiddles. Funny you should bring up coal mining, on Saturday night on the plane coming back I watched the film "Billy Elliot", set against coal mining near Durham. And funny too that Tiddles is reading about volcanoes, just last week we climbed up to the top of a 2600 metre high volcano, still active, and looked down 300 meters into the crater, which was steam busily. A strange feeling walking around on something that could blow up and start spouting large quantities of hot lava at any time. We saw several of the recent lava flows that went clear down to the ocean... wouldn't want to get caught in the way of one of those. Hopefully Tiddles will learn enough from his volcano book to stay well clear.

Hope you are weathering this chilly winter in fine form, with Tiddles running around to keep you busy I imagine you are. Please give my greetings to Tiddles and the bunnies, and best to you too... it's been a little while...