Sunday, 13 March 2011

Update on Fluffville Films!

Things are going well at Fluffville Studios PLC, with lots of young people making new residents of Fluffville - we have a hippopotamus, a crab, a camera-man dog called Stuart, three rabbits, Eddie the Elephant and Gnasher the Crocodile (who drives about in a wind-powered car!)
The Fluffville sign is a facia for the puppet theatre and is made using recycled cardboard and squashed-up loo roll - it's that simple!
Many of the puppets have been made by students with additional support needs and everyone is really enjoying the process of making the film, it's such fun! Stuart ( the real Stuart, not the dog!) and I have also managed to film a piano and tin-whistle recital - using a little toy piano from the 1960's and a papier mache tin whistle! I hope you enjoy these photo's showing some of the puppets, I hope to get some video links up soon too.


Laurie said...

I was very frightened, Tiddles. I thought the crocodile was eating the car! Great activity, such fun!

gemmipop said...

Wowee, that looks like so much fun!

April Jarocka said...

Hey there bizzy Lizzy !!!!
I found my way here to fluffville once more....minus one lovely ugly rabbit (presently warming himself on the back burner)...
Hope you're good.
hop over and I'll put on the kettle at my blog xx