Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fluffville Films and Food in Fluffville

Happy New Year! Golly gosh and goodness me! It's been a long time since I wrote anything on my poor little blog - it expect it feels quite abandoned. Since the launch of Fluffville Saves Energy, back in October, life seems to have been a whirlwind of visiting schools, driving up and down the A75, applying for funding for Eco-Schools to continue, worrying about funding and getting some funding...... We also had some terrible weather; freezing conditions and deep snow. I bought a new car from EBay (not a good idea, in hindsight) which then proceeded to break down five times in two weeks! All this must have had a cumulative effect on me, as I got ill on Boxing Day and stayed ill for the next three weeks! It was a flu virus-thing, really nasty and probably came because I stopped working!
Anyway, on to bigger and better things - Tiddles is about to make his debut as a film star! We are due to start working on Fluffville Films in February; I will be working with a professional film-maker and various Secondary Schools to produce a series of short energy-saving puppet shows. Our endeavours will be recorded as a documentary-style film and premiered at our local independent cinema http://www.rbcft.co.uk/ How exciting!
I will also be working on the second book in the Fluffville series, Food in Fluffville, to link with the launch of the new Eco-Schools topic, Food and the Environment. I'm really looking forward to it, as it will have Tiddles and the Bunnies looking at growing their own fruit and veg, making jam, visiting a farm, making monsters out of unwanted food packaging, all sorts of exciting things! (If you are six years old or short and orange!)
So, the year has got off to flying start! Spring won't be long now and planning of trips and things can commence! Watch out for Tiddles in OK Magazine - no doubt he will be negotiating with Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing before too long! I wonder when I should tell him what my management fee is!


Laurie said...

Film and Food by Tiddles? Fantastic - Can't wait. Glad to see you and The Tid back on the blog, Liz.
Laurie xx

Ronnie said...

Go forward fearless Liz!
You and Fluffville will set Hollywood on its heals.
Looking forward to seeing the new puppet theater in reality. GO!

Buskitten said...

It's lovely to see you again, guys! Iam sorry it's been so long - by the timeIhave finished jumping about like a balloon on drugs with the little kids, I am in bed by 8 o clock! That's why it will be so great to plan some time under the Umbrian sun, sailing our little boat! xxxx