Sunday, 9 August 2009

Eco-Schools with Energy Co-ordinator Interview

I have been short-listed for a cool job and the interview is on Tuesday; part of the interview process is to deliver a presentation on 'Energy' to 7 - 10 year old kids. I am going to use Tiddles and his friends to get the message across about ways to save energy etc, as I thought the young people might enjoy the illustrations. I've planned various bits and pieces, and first up is a Tiddles Word search! Now all I need is Tiddles himself to get back in time for my interview on Tuesday - I thought it would be nice if he came with me, so I've bought him a British Airways ticket to get him home. I need to get this job to pay for it!


Owen said...

Good luck Liz !

quiltcat said...

good luck, Liz! it sounds like a great job for you and Tiddles!