Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Oh Dear! Tiddles gets another rejection letter

Poor Tiddles could wallpaper his entire bedroom with our increasing collection of these! This one was nicer than usual though, as there is a little hand-written note on the back! This time, I made a mock-up of a whole Fluffville book, and sent that - begging for it to be returned, as I only made one! I'll find another publisher to send it to and tell Tiddles to cross his paws! Tiddles says hello, he's in the greenhouse potting on seedlings, so I better go now, and give him a hand, as there seem to millions of them!


quiltcat said...

Drats! sorry about the rejection letter, but at least you're getting your (and Tiddles) work out there! Better luck next time!

April Jarocka said...

Ah. Never mind Liz.. Never seen one of those - yet. keep collecting em! I'm sure you'll look back and laugh one day. Don't forget that Watership Down was rejected about 13 times before it was published. I think..

Ronnie said...

It'll happen! The right match will show up one day. KEEP putting your stuff out there!
Yep, you and me could tear up the place, Liz. I am a menace with a drill and a terror with a nail gun! I yell every time it shoots a nail.
Send pics of the garden as it grows.
I didn't plant mine for the first time in 14 years! I'd have tomatoes and squash by now. Take care, sweetie!

Owen said...

Dear Liz, please give Tiddles a big condolences hug from the Toad family in France who are already very fond of him... And tell him not to give up; where there is a will, right ?
Best from all of us...

.sarilicious. said...

Good luck Tiddles! :)
I'm in Saudi Arabia right now, originally from Pakistan. Nice to meet you too. :)
P.S. Phupo is Urdu for aunt, as specific the sister of my father. We have precise relationship names to avoid muddling up.

:) cheers!