Thursday, 13 October 2011

Food in Fluffville

Well, the year is flying past and I am aware that I have not blogged for some time. I suppose this is really due to feeling I have nothing new to say; Of course I could blame it on 'being busy' and running around with work and schools....but the truth is, I am just doing doing the same old thing and my career as an illustrator hasn't moved beyond the boundaries of Dumfries and Galloway. I don't really know what I expected, perhaps not world-wide recognition - but I thought I may have got a little further. As it is, I am still just a hamster on a perpetual wheel, maybe that's all I'll ever be...... I feel if I made a bit more effort and could be more motivated I might achieve something, but I'm kinda tired in a chronic, insidious sort of way. It's not nice. It's not the kind of tiredness a holiday could cure either, as I've quite a lot of those, ha ha! It's the Turn The Clock Back and Work Harder, Stick to your Game, Shoulda Listened to your Art School Tutors kind of stuff-up; Like you need to go back to the start - but you cant. It kinda sucks. On a more positive note, Food in Fluffville comes out next year - here's one of the pictures.

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Laurie said...

So nice to see something of you again, Liz and Tiddles, too! Once you get on the treadmill, it's often hard to get it to stop. I can sympathise with your feelings. I encourage the team at work - when times are hard - to do what Alastair (the publisher in As Time Goes By) used to do - just raise his hands and say with a slight shrug of his shoulders, "Hey, hey!" It works! And, whatever you do, keep the Spark alive!